DESIGN FLASHBACK … Jackie Astier’s ultra POSH NYC extravaganza in ELLE DECOR

Elle Decor Jackie Astier 1

Covet: to yearn to possess or have something…

 The specific “covet in question” is the simply EXQUISITE home of Stylist Jackie Astier.  A feature SO DELICIOUS I had to revisit it again (originally featured in the Designer essential Elle Decor in 2012).  The home is a visual gesamtkunstwerk (say that 3 times quickly) of texture, colour and Design.  Jackie is a fashion and interiors stylist, whose bold aesthetics are a luscious mix of 70’s glam and a sensual layering of textures and concepts. A fun and intimate aspect of the feature were Jackie’s rather scrappy scavenging sourcings for some of the unique finds as relayed in the Elle Decor decor feature.

Jackie’s muse for her style and taste was the legendary French antiques dealer and designer, Madeleine Castaing, famous for her tagline “Be audacious, but with taste”.  Castaing was boldly original and believed in adding whimsy and intelligence to her designs and was as well a great patron to the Arts, specifically nurturing the work of Soutine and Modigliani.  As Jackie says in the feature, “I’ve had a design crush on her for forever… she personified individual style, which is the only kind I go for. I’ve always been obsessed with her outré color combinations—and the way she used them.” (Elle Decor 2012)

Many of the greatest finds in the home are from Jackie’s “digital scavenging” (ebay hunting and gathering) as well as from her morning walks in NYC with roadside treasures (the patent leather panels turned into Art are from the sidewalk in front of the Armani boutique).  “I wanted the place to have an easy glamour about it, more Paris in the 1970s than the ’40s,” says Astier.  The result is a home with a rich personality that is both enveloping and elevating.

Elle Decor Jackie Astier 4

Sumptuous, sexy and cerebral … I ADORE the dining room with its rich lacquered painted walls in a deep inky black/brown so glossy they almost look alive; especially when paired with the vibrantly stained, deep gloss floors that depending on the light, look almost black. The dining room features a gorgeous Hollywood Regency style chandelier and a wonderfully quirky mix of finds (both high and low).  It is a truly livable space that is both comfortable and casual YET elegant and made for entertaining … a brilliant fusion.


The library’s ceiling “shines like a new car—because it’s been sprayed with automotive paint”… my only response to this is “YES PLEASE”.   The layering of textures, colours, metals and periods gives this room a sumptuous tranquility that would make Madame Juliette Récamier proud!
Elle Decor Jackie Astier 2

Elle Decor Jackie Astier 3

Elle Decor Jackie Astier 6

I’m slightly obsessed with the bench style coffee table that makes me think of Designer Billy Baldwin and one of his infamous cocktail parties… #want.