I have a DESIGN crush… Diamond Baratta Design NYC

Design By Diamond Baratta Design

Inspiration comes to us in many forms and colours our perspectives and our understanding of how not only to use and mix items/concepts but how we feel about them.  Being a Designer, I find inspiration in everything….packaging, great Artists (Old and New), Architecture, People, Pop Culture, Fashion, World Cultures and Nature (to name but a few).  However, all Interior Designers also are influenced and in a sense mentored by the work of other Interior Designers… this is especially true of Design work that speaks to the viewer/occupant on conceptual, sensory and inspirational levels.  For myself, I find the Interior Design work of Diamond Baratta Design in NYC magnificent on every level.  Each room and space has a deceptive simplicity that on further inspection unfolds layer after layer of brilliance.  The way William Diamond and Anthony Baratta (and their exceptionally talented team of Design Associates) conceive and then implement their spaces is inspiring and fullfilling.  I love their sense of humour and their fashionista usage of colour (an ability lost on many Designers who habitually opt for a beige template).  To say I have had a Design crush on their work is an understatement as I personally always strive to create homes that are highly personal, functional and original, which has been their mandate for 30 years!

Diamond Baratta Design has been profiled countlessly by The New York Times and featured in over 100 magazine articles, including  more than 40 covers in magazines such as Architectural Digest, World of Interiors, House Beautiful, House & Garden, and Traditional Home. They have been the subject of two monographs: All-American: The Exuberant Style of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta (Pointed Leaf Press, 2009) and Diamond Baratta Design (Bullfinch Press, 2006). On top of all this, they were first interior designers to be featured in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s Triennial in 2006, and were named one of the Architectural Digest Top 100 Designers and one of Traditional Home‘s 20 Design Icons (in my opinion they would be #1). 

 So for today’s blog posting I thought I would share some of my favourite environments created by my Interior Design crush.  Enjoy!

In addition to Modern and Contemporary spaces they also do jaw dropping Classic and Traditional Design….

  1. HelenHelen03-09-2011

    Love the colors!! I would kill for that kitchen in the second picture – and the house it fits in 🙂

    Love the touch of the pink e

  2. CristiCristi11-03-2011

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    a Philip Johnson Glass House idea IV- Ball House in New Canaan CT.
    203 550 6283