A NEW Classic … The Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Starck

Louia Xh

Ghost Chairs used Outdoors…whimsy, style and drama

Introduced in 2002 with a resounding Design impact around the World, the famous Louis Ghost Chair designed by the one and only Philippe Starck (designed for the Italian manufacturer Kartell) has been one of my most favourite things since it was unveiled. Regardless of your personal style (traditional, modern, eclectic, etc.) or if it is to be used in a commercial or residential setting… The Louis Ghost Chair literally works in every and any application.

 I have used the Ghost chair outside in Garden settings creating a playful and luxurious setting akin to the Mad Hatter, surrounding an oversized interior Dining Table with over the top end chairs, for desks, occasional chairs by consoles and the list goes on and on. The Louis Ghost chair is made of an incredibly durable polycarbonate that is nearly impervious to scratching or damage (shocking when its visual is so crystalline and effervescent) and comes in clear (my favourite), opaque black, opaque white, smoke grey, pale citrus orange, an ice queen green and a luscious pale frosty blue.

It is shockingly comfortable, considering it is so high style and akin to something Wonder Woman would have in her invisible jet and really is the most daring example of a single mould injected polycarbonate Design. This is what I call a Modern Classic.  You can find specs on the chair at Kartell’s website at http://kartellstorela.com/shop/louis-ghost/


Ghost Chairs used in a traditional setting, adding Designer PUNCH