Liv-Chic or Die…the Anti-Minimalist Design Revolution

Liv Chic Custom Loft Soho NYC

While many of us still opt for a heavily edited and beige Design palette, there is a bold new uprising afoot in the Design World called “Haute Femme”.  No one carries this bold and blazing banner better (a little alliteration moment) than the geniuses at Liv- Chic (

Liv-Chic was founded by Hilary White, a NYC based Interior Designer whose fashionista clientele were after a niche of modern baroque furniture that exuded a Park Avenue dauphine sensibility.  What Liv-Chic specializes in is the creation of LUXE hand crafted furniture (based on 18th Century original furnishings) BUT with a whimsical, modern and quirky twist.  Personality is not in short order with these signature elements.  The fabrics are unexpected, bold and plush while the traditional frames and carvings are done in gloss solid colours or metalics.  I can see these pieces being a stunning focal element in an edited and modern room, allowing the piece to sparkle and sizzle.  Or for the bigger personality spaces an entire room to create a near stage set sensibility.

Some of my favourite pieces from the Liv-Chic collection include the Adelle Bed, the Kate chair and their custom pink banquette on their website (with the Alice in Wonderland waif sitting forlornly on it).

Call it Retro Eclecticism, Haute Femme or simply over the top…the underlying principle is a rich and luxurious attention to detail, sumptious fabrics and a bold and sexy presence that is guaranteed to cause a reaction by its viewer and the lucky owner, whether the pieces are used in a commercial or residential setting.

  1. HelenHelen03-18-2011

    That’s a very PINK sofa!