Swarovski Elements Wallpaper… YES PLEASE!

Swarovski Elements Wallpaper 5

Luminous, ethereal and opulent don’t even begin to describe the effect the newly launched  Swarovski Elements collection of wallpapers have upon a space.  Depending on the time of day they go from being subtle and flirty (early morning) to crystalline and sumptous (Mid-day) to exotic and tempting (candlelit evening)… they are a brilliant combination of high Design, technology and quality.  Designed by British wallpaper designer Karen Beauchamp in collaboration with the brand’s design team (Swarovski Elements), the collection uses the innovative technique of ‘crystal printing’ to create dazzling patterns.  The usage of the crystal detailing is well thought out and done in a sparing and deft manner combined with exquisite flocking, mirror like foils, layered inks, woven fabrics and an almost metallic leather finishing.

The collection comprises nine designs featuring Swarovski crystals and two coordinating plain wallpapers, each in a range of colourways. Versailles is the modern styled element in the collection and has a metallic leather aesthetic with clusters of crystals in a grid design. The Kohinoor Damask  is more luxe and showcases the detail and accuracy that can be achieved with the crystals. Another standout is the Diamond Trellis paper; a geometric and playful design that uses the crystals in a simple and very sparing way yet with a dramatic and bold effect.  The collection has an almost dream like quality and effect on a space with their gorgeous shimmer, a result of  light playing across the wall refracted by the multi-faceted coloured and clear crystals.   To say I adore the collection is an understatement….