Glass Chat-Board message boards by Dansk.

Dansk Imports Chat Board Red

Strikingly graphic is the best way to describe these absolutely stunning shatterproof glass message boards by Dansk Imports.  Their luscious and liquid colour gives an unbelievable depth and acts more like a bold piece of modern Art…yet it is completely functional and useable.  They come in 20 mouth watering colours and work like regular magnetic whiteboards (albeit these are glass with stainless edging and backing) and come with various coloured marker pens that just “stick” to the board and are cleaned with a dry cloth or simple little eraser disc.   I adore their bold mix of being visually attractive and practical, yet adding a sense of whimsy and intelligence.  The Chat-Boards are a trendy design tool to use in modern offices or in private homes. The complextity of the glass colour visual depth and their scale (they come as large as 4′ by 8′) are guaranteed to give your office, kitchen, laundry room or home office a stunning jolt of Design savvy.  Send me photos of what you do with them….

  1. Anne-Marie McGuintyAnne-Marie McGuinty04-04-2011

    The message board is just find how to order one?

  2. ScottScott05-11-2011

    Hightower Group is the USA distributor for Chat-Boards.

  3. Laura ThomsonLaura Thomson11-15-2011

    I am interested in ordering a chat-board. Who is the Canadian distributor?