The “FIFTH” wall….your ceiling.

Pink Ceiling In Office 3

Its been a while since I painted the ceiling in my office my custom created Rich Pink (which I have named Newport Pink) and I must say I have loved it every day since it was completed.  It adds verve, vigour and humour to the day while always sparking creative and out of the box thinking.   I created the colour through a mixing of some of my favourite Pinks… one part Honeysuckle Pink by Pantone…one part Hollyhock by Martha Stewart…a dash of Razzle Dazzle by Benjamin Moore (not for the faint of heart) and a little Rose Fantasy by Pittsburgh Paints.  The end result is stunningly warm, rich and evocative of both Pillow Talk and Sex and the City.   Its funny that we always opt for “builder white” for our ceilings (that heinous blue white that never seems to get changed in our homes).  I DEEPLY encourage you to paint your ceiling…if not Pink (it is specific to space and usage) then make sure to opt for a colour deeper than your trim.  You NEVER want your ceiling to be the focal point in your home or office.  Try Cloud White by Benjamin Moore and do your trim Oxford White…Or for the more brave and brazen…try adding a pale version of your overall wall colour.  What it really comes down to is NOT opting for the standard and the boring and create a space that represents you and how you want to use the space.

 The photos are from when it was first done…I will make sure to take some glossy new ones for you all. 


  1. Wall DecalsWall Decals04-02-2011

    Never really thought of painting the ceiling, but lately I’ve been seeing it more and more. I guess if you leave the walls relatively neutral you can really draw attention to it. Cool job.

  2. KariKari04-07-2011

    This is probably the best use of “honeysuckle” I’ve seen. Used as a secondary color, sometimes in shadows, it adds a warm bit of character of the room. I’ve always liked the way many Victorian, porch ceilings are painted a sky blue.

  3. KariKari04-07-2011

    p.s. Just to clarify – honeysuckle MIXED with your pinks!

  4. olyaolya05-04-2011

    It’s becoming so common to see ceilings in color. I am very happy for that. I think it is very exciting to have colourful ceilings. I am currently thinking of getting a photo done upthere, but haven’t made up my mind yet on what exactcly. But looking at this samples makes me think maybe I should just go with one plain color instead of a print