SCULPTURAL Solid Teak Bathtubs by GARDENSIDE… perfect for 2

Sk002 Purify Round Tub Insitu

Continuing on our WOODY theme of late…here are the stunning, sculptural bath creations by Gardenside.  Their inspiration being the organic nature of the human mind, body and spirit. This unique collection is the creation of renowned designer Tsuguji Sasaki (they have many of his collections on the Gardenside online catalogue) and the bath collection achieves a stunning marriage between Zen serenity and organic natural beauty with its graceful lines and natural materials. Each tub begins life as a massive engineered block of teak that is then painstakenly hollowed and sculpted into the various shapes while incorporating the appeal and endurance of teak wood with elements of steel for durability and functionality. The Purify Collection would be a stunning statement in a modern sharp loft or ultra crisp interior where the organic nature would really POP in the space.  I also love how the Peanut tub is so heavily rounded on either end, making it perfect for 2 to soak and converse.  Great design and superb craftsmenship.