Quartz, Quartz, Quartz … everyone is talking about Quartz Kitchen counters

Quartz Countertop 1

A major trend in Kitchen Design…BUT one with quality, durability and endless colour options is the usage of Quartz for countertops for your Kitchen, retail space or office. Quartz counters are made from 90% quartz (the second most commonly found mineral on Earth) and 10% epoxy resin.  The “look” possibilities are ENDLESS…from having them look like slabs of glass, to frosty etched looks, to styles looking like natural stone.  The difficulty for you the purchaser is that every company, manufacturer and Designer refers to them as something different.  You may have seen quartz countertops referred to as Silestone but this is actually the brand name of the manufacturer while other brands available include HanStone, Okite, DuPont’s Zodiaq and Formica’s Crystallite

One of the signature benefits quartz has over other natural materials (such as marble, granite, lava stone or soapstone) is that there is a massive range of colors to choose from including every shade of white, black, silver, orange, red, blue, green…etc….you get the picture. Which means you can be as traditional or as Designer daring as your Design concept and plan requires or demands. Also, keep in mind there are various finishes available with the Quartz as well from highly polished option, a chilled frosted look, satin and a textured stone effect.

One benefit quartz has over granite is that sealing is not required, making it completely no fuss. However it is recommended that you wipe up any spills to be on the safe side (there is always the Murphy’s Law) and as well it has been said to possibly mark or stain by either prolonged sitting of alluminum pots and by the spice Turmeric.  However, daily cleaning of with soap and water will maintain it in perfect condition.

The cost is calculated by linear foot and you can expect to pay around $110 to $250 per linear foot.

An interesting aspect of Quartz counters is that they now include Microban in the epoxy which prevents the growth of germs and bacteria.  So while being stunning looking and a focal point in your Kitchen, they are as well stain, heat and scratch resistant, which is why Quartz surfaces are experiencing incredible growth driven by the style, luxury and durability quartz delivers.