The STUNNING Juliska lighting collection…perfect for home or retail

Juliska Globe Pendant Harriet

I fell in love with this stunning Juliska “Harriet” Globe Pendant Lamp the moment my eyes came across it.  To me it looks as if it was just harvested from some futuristic sea with its sparkling, spiny protrusions and its bulbous round body.  It makes one imagine some futuristic lifeform crossed with a sea anemone reimagined for your home, to hang above a table, foyer or a smart commercial space (such as the photo showing the cafe in Juliska).

Juliska is famous far and wide in the Design sphere for their breathtaking  mouth blown glass, created by artisans in the hills outside Prague (how romantic does this sound) using techniques passed down through generations of skilled glassmakers.  (just saying that evokes an almost gilded age sensibility)  The Glass Artists work on each item in teams of three (based upon a seamless sequence of motions to create the finished pieces).  This near singular attention to detail, combined with their unique composition of Juliska glass allows it to be blown especially thin and results in each handmade piece being unique with its own individual characteristics such as small bubbles and slight color and size variations. Then after cooling, each piece must pass through a series of rigorous checks and only upon passing every criteria, each piece of Juliska glass is individually signed—a hallmark of its origin, authenticity, and superior quality.

However….aside from their stunning traditionial glass pieces for what they are famous for, what REALLY excited me are their new collection of lighting (both table lamps and their STUNNING pendant lights).  Talk about a conversation starter!!

In addtion to their stunning collection of glass and ceramics, Juliska wanted to bring something new to the retail front and give customers a more European experience so they opened their own retail environment in Stamford CT. The shop is part luxurious retail store and part sumptious cafe (as well as having a bridal salon with registry and a breathtaking  9’ Koi pond fountain that also features their glassware).  However for me it really comes down to the glorious lighting pieces in the Juliska collection… the stunning pendant lights, the magnificent statement table lamps and their awe inspiring chandeliers…all with their unique modern yet organic spin.  If you decide to splurge make sure to send me photos of them gracing your home.