The Exquisite Home of Fashion Designer Jenni Kayne featured in Architectural Digest

Jenni Kayne Living Room ARCH DIGEST1

The beautifully spare & modern landscape Design of Jenni Kayne’s home was conceived of by Architect Pamela Burton. The home of …

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Architect & Designer Daniel Romualdez’s CHIC & WITTY L.A. Getaway featured in Architectural Digest

ARCH DIGEST The Daniel Romualdez Los Angeles Home 02 Living Room Lg

What gives this room added punch is that it ISN’T the obligatory mid century modern look that permeates ALL of L.A. …

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Colour SPLASH … The ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST feature on Sid Bergamin’s Brazilian Getaway

ARCH DIGEST Sig Bergamin Sao Paulo Brazil 04 Living Room Lg1

BOLD Artworks by Bert Stern, Takashi Murakami, and Alex Katz line the jewel box living room giving it punch, power, …

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The SPECTACULAR Home of Brad Goldfarb & Designer Alfredo Paredes as featured in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

ARCH DIGEST Alfredo Paredes Brad Goldfarb New York Apartment 03 Living Area Lg

You may sense a rather obsessive and recurring theme in my Design Blog lately (1, 2, 3 & the AMAZING …

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Sparkling, Effervescent & CHIC…the home of TV Mogul Darren Star as featured in ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST

ARCH DIGEST Darren Star Waldo Fernandez Hollywood 02 Living Room Lg

In Darren Star’s Living room is an amazing collection of Art by Kehinde Wiley (through doorway), Candida Höfer and Robert …

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