Art, Art, Art…. The ART of hanging ART

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 One of the quickest, sure fire ways of ruining the look and feeling of a space is hanging your Art incorrectly.  By this I mean the hideous effect hanging something waaaaay to high, or waaaay to low has on your environment (creating the effect of the Lilliputians or the Brobdingnagians).  It immediately throws off the scale and balance to everything in …

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The Victoria & Albert “FRAMED” Installation by English Designer Stuart Haygarth

This sumptious visual treat that both delights the mind and the eye was created by famed English Designer Stuart Haygarth,  who …

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Creative & Inexpensive ways to REFRESH your Home

Vogue Nicole Hanley Mellon 4

Interior Design is significantly more important than simply creating a beautiful or memorable room.  Interior Design is actually about our relationship …

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