Be Brave, be Bold and be Fierce when picking your next Colour Chip (say it thrice like a mantra)

Arch Digest Blue On Natural Elements With A Zest Of Lemon

  Selecting a paint colour for your home, cottage or business¬†should be an enjoyable process that frees your inner creativity while also expanding your understanding of style, trends and the nuances of colour and how it effects your environment. However many of us get bogged down in the fraught process of colour selection and end up retreating to predictable choices …

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How to use PINK in your Interior Design

White Pink Orange Turquoise

Ways of using Hot Pink (or what I like to call Schiaparelli Pink): PINK… in all of its visually delicious …

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Remember to add a splash of Pink when you go to paint…yes Pink.

Ma Vie En Rose

Long thought of as a colour only fit for little girl’s rooms… Pink is making a HUGE statement this year.¬† …

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