The power of Colour in our Garden & How to use it for a bold effect

Peacocks On The Lawn Of Castle Howard

Gardeners, like all Artists, use the power of colour to create and enhance the mood and impact of their landscape design. Through our understanding of the properties of colour we can elevate our garden compositions balance and unity. Each colour holds its own lexicon of meanings, both personally and globally. Whether you fall into the category of a pictorial landscape …

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Creating Rooms and Boundaries in your Garden

Piet Oudolf Image 2

Creating structural elements in your garden will transform it from the ordinary, to the extraordinary. A well-planned framework of supports …

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The Alfred Sung Outdoor Furniture Collection for 2012…in a word EXQUISITE


  (The EXQUISITE St. Tropez collection from Alfred Sung Outdoor is shown above…look at the open cane weaving, STUNNING) Continuing …

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Cat Proofing your Garden or Creating a “Catcentric” area in your Garden

Cats In The Garden Catmint1

Slightly off my normal Design topic and somewhat specific, however lets talk about Cats and their predilection for sabotaging our Garden. …

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How to Vacation Proof your Garden

Cottage Garden 2

For many of us avid gardeners the thought of a summer vacation is both a delight and a source of …

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Cottage Gardens & Outdoor Entertaining

Cottage Garden Header1

  Cottages are a retreat for our soul.  Places where we can both unwind and regenerate ourselves, our families and …

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Still thinking SPRING..lets talk Garden Ornaments!

Garden Blog 3

How to use Garden Ornaments to their best Design Effect

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