The power of Colour in our Garden & How to use it for a bold effect

Peacocks On The Lawn Of Castle Howard

Gardeners, like all Artists, use the power of colour to create and enhance the mood and impact of their landscape design. Through our understanding of the properties of colour we can elevate our garden compositions balance and unity. Each colour holds its own lexicon of meanings, both personally and globally. Whether you fall into the category of a pictorial landscape …

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Quick ways to ADD Colour POW & WOW to your Home

Colour POP With Modern Art And Lampshades

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, than colour should be everyone’s best friend.  Break out of  your beige routine …

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A Gemstone Colour DELIGHT by Kelee Katillac in House Beautiful

House Beautiful Magazine Feature Living Room

Layered, sensual, inviting, traditional, eclectic, edited, intelligent and POSH… can all be used to describe the unexpected and delightful space created by Designer Kelee …

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Design Trends 2013: Colour, Layering, Texture, Bold Statements & PERSONALITY

Design Trends 2013

The difference between a “Design Trend” and something that is “Trendy”, is as wide as the gulf between something that …

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