The Beauty & Power of Wallpaper … when selected, installed and used CORRECTLY

Wallpaper Sexy Organic And Bold

Wallpaper is no longer just for your Grandmother’s bathroom.  In fact, the amazing options available (flocked, bold patterns, metallic, textured, mural, colour blocked, hand painted, faux effect, fabric, mirrored etc. etc.) ensure that you can find the right paper for ANY room or Design style from ultra modern loft to sumptuous and Zsa-Zsa traditional.  It all comes down to selecting the RIGHT …

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Swarovski Elements Wallpaper… YES PLEASE!

Swarovski Elements Wallpaper 5

Luminous, ethereal and opulent don’t even begin to describe the effect the newly launched  Swarovski Elements collection of wallpapers have upon a space.  …

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Bold & Graphic Wallpaper by Flavor Paper

Mustachio Maquette

This stunningly bold and graphic wallpaper is guaranteed to make a statement, created by the wonderful people at FLAVOR PAPER.  …

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