Casino with fast withdrawals 2021


At present, the vast majority of online casino promises fast withdrawals & payouts of winnings, usually within 24 hours you can see your winnings on the account. Some casinos are faster than that and allow you to make withdrawals in 5 min while others casinos withdraw directly.

Fast Payouts at online casinos

It can be tricky to say exactly how long you have to wait for your withdrawal at a specific casino that not only offers registration with Bank identification together with a single other payment services. In such cases, it is easier because everyone plays on equal terms and with the same method, as well as identifying themselves in connection with their first deposit. If you play at another online casino that has more choice in terms of payment methods, it becomes more difficult to guarantee a specific thing for withdrawals.

However, after reading this article, you should have yours on the dry when it comes to the withdrawal process and what you can do to speed up the payout as best you can. Because not much feels worse than when it messes up when to get their money out of an online casino that you have really taken a fancy to?

Requirements for approved withdrawal

As a player at an online casino, there are some points you stand for yourself that are directly crucial to whether you should at all get out your winning money and how fast it goes. Since you cannot step up to a table and show who you are at a land-based casino, it may take some to pay out winnings in a legal way. However, this has become much easier with all new casinos that offer direct games with simple registration, but if you play at a casino without a license, there will be a difference.

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Some online casinos are not quite clear in what information to send where and when, and since most casinos work a little differently, we take a quick review of what you can expect for requests and verifications of the casino when it is finally time to pick out winnings.

ID document & other documents

In order for the casino to even know who they are paying out the winnings to, it is always necessary that a player who makes his first withdrawal identifies himself. Therefore, a copy of your ID document may be required at casinos without bank identification. Both passports, driving licenses and ordinary ID cards are all examples that are usually approved at various online casinos. So just you take a steady picture or photocopy that is not blurry and shows all the data clearly and clearly, so this should not be any problem whatsoever.

Other documents that may be required:

  • A copy or photo of the credit/debit card you used for your last deposit
  • A screenshot or picture of your bank account showing the transaction
  • An electricity bill or Bill confirming your home address

The latter documents may be requested if you win extremely big at any online casino. Most bookmakers have a maximum limit on how much can be charged per transaction, but in addition to that, there are often additional security procedures when someone wins really big.

There may also be more documentation requests if you, for example, have deposited with a MasterCard account that does not allow withdrawals from online casinos, and you are forced to change the payment method. This is how it works only on online casinos without gaming license that identifies its players already at the deposit mode.

All online casinos operate differently, and in addition to the laws that Spelinspektionen, MGA and similar authorities put, and it is up to the bookmakers themselves if they want to add additional security checks and controls. However, remember that this is not only a time-consuming hit because the casino does not want to pay out your winnings, these checks are always done for the player’s own good. It would not feel completely tiptoe if another player would manage to make a withdrawal on your money, right?

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